June 28, 2019
In 2010 the Archdiocese of Chicago opened the cause for canonization for Fr. Augustus Tolton, the first African-American priest in the United States. On June 11, 2019 Pope Francis issued a “Decree of Heroic Virtue,” thus advancing the cause of Fr. Tolton and granting him the title of “Venerable.”A lot has been written about Fr. Tolton’s life, including the fact...Read more
June 14, 2019
By: Michele Levandoski, Archivist, School Sisters of Notre Dame North American Archives The women’s suffrage movement began in the mid-19th century and for more than 70 years, American women lectured, wrote, marched, lobbied and practiced civil disobedience, including imprisonment, in an attempt to achieve the right to vote. By the early 20th century, many states had given women either full...Read more