Our Mission

Our Mission is to proclaim the good news as School Sisters of Notre Dame, directing our entire lives toward that oneness for which Jesus Christ was sent. As He was sent to show the Father’s love to the world, we are sent to make Christ visible by our very being, by sharing our love, faith, and hope."YOU ARE SENT, CONSTITUTION OF THE SCHOOL SISTERS OF NOTRE DAME

Stained-glass Blessed Theresa window found in the chapel at Villa Assumpta in Baltimore, Maryland.

School Sisters of Notre Dame (SSND) are women of hope, committed to bringing Jesus’ message of love and unity to the world. Our life in mission integrates prayer, community life and ministry. Believing that our international presence gives us a unique global responsibility, we address urgent needs of our time, particularly those of women, youth and those who are poor.

Engaged in a variety of ministries, SSND are educators at heart, believing the world can be changed through the transformation of persons. We are teachers, administrators, lawyers, accountants, nurses, therapists, social workers, pastoral ministers, social justice advocates and much more.