Vocation Resources

Vocation Reflections

Vocation Reflections is a monthly newsletter for those interested in learning more about discernment, prayer, and other topics related to the consecrated/vowed life. For questions, comments and subscription information, please contact sisters@ssnd.org.

Discernment Resources

A Nun’s Life
Vision Vocation Network
National Catholic Sisters Project: Sister Story
GSR In the Classroom

Is Religious Life Easy?
The Unexpected Life of a Millennial Nun

#Beyond the Habit: The Power of Sisterhood 


Rosemary Dougherty, SSND

Hearing with the Heart - A Guide to Discerning God's Will for Your Life
Debra K. Farrington

Vocations Anonymous:
A Handbook for Adults Discerning Priesthood and Religious Life
Kathy Bryant, RSC; National Coalition for Church Vocations

What Are You Looking For? Seeking the God Who Is Seeking You
Joan Chittister, OSB