Am I Being Called

Photo of the SSND North American Vocation Team 2019

Discovering a call to a particular life commitment takes time. It requires honesty with ourselves about our gifts and talents, inclinations and deepest desires. The more we get to know ourselves, the better we are at detecting God’s movement within our hearts.

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It is also important to listen to God, to take time to be quiet. Prayer brings clarity to our choices and helps us trust that God is with us in our choosing. God wants us to be happy and God will not let us down!

Here are a few questions that might be helpful:

  • When do I feel most alive?
  • What are my strengths?
  • How do I relate to others, young and old?
  • How can I best be a loving person?
  • How can I best use my gifts to serve God and other people?

Feel free to contact a vocation director to discuss your answers or other aspects of your vocation journey.

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