An injured leg and a ride in the firetruck

The School Sisters of Notre Dame (SSND) were required to keep chronicles at each mission site. The chronicles are a record of significant events that occurred throughout the year, such as major events at the school, church or convent, and illnesses or deaths. They can also provide amusing stories about life as a SSND. The following is a chronicle entry from St. Michael’s in Chicago, dated September 20, 1965.

Sister Mary Briant Foley, SSND

Sister M. Fridian Crowley, SSND

“Sister M. Fridian [Crowley] fell and injured her leg. The fire department was asked to send the ambulance to take Sister to the hospital for X-Rays. Since all fire ambulances were out at the time, the department sent the hose and ladder truck instead. Imagine Sister’s surprise when two helmeted firmen [sic] arrived in the refectory, picked her up, chair and all, and carried her out to the truck. Sister Mary Briant [Foley] accompanied Sister and occupied the seat next to the driver; she had to do service by keeping her finger on the alarm bell while they went full speed through all stop lights. It was during the noon intermission, so they had some very interested spectators along the way. A real first!!!”