February 22, 2023
Click here for the SSND Atlantic-Midwest Province Integral Ecology Lenten Fast. The following Lenten reflections, prepared by the SSND North American Vocation Team, are based on You Are Sent, the Constitution of the School Sisters of Notre Dame. (Print PDF) For more information, please contact sisters@ssnd.org or hermanas@ssnd.org. The Lenten season brings us the opportunity to look more carefully at...Read more
November 28, 2022
“Jubilees are cause for special celebration and provide opportunity for renewal and recommitment. Jubilee calls us to express our gratitude to God and to our jubilarian sisters for their faithful love which encourages us to greater fidelity.” ~ You Are Sent, General Directory, 123b Each year, the School Sisters of Notre Dame celebrate significant anniversaries of our sisters’ first profession of...Read more
August 16, 2022
In 1965, Mother Georgianne Segner, the provincial for the Dallas Province, was traveling to Wilton, Connecticut, to attend the School Sisters of Notre Dame Educational Conference. The SSND-ECs were annual events where North American sisters would attend lectures on various topics related to education and teaching. Along the way she had a very interesting encounter. The following was recorded in...Read more
May 5, 2022
We celebrate the Feast Day of our foundress Blessed Theresa of Jesus Gerhardinger on May 9, the anniversary of her death. In the 143 years since she was called home to God, the spirit and vision of Blessed Theresa continue to inspire the School Sisters of Notre Dame and all who join us in mission. As we take time to...Read more
August 25, 2020
<Back to Symposium Art By Sister Sandra Weinke These calligraphy creations are the result of both STUDY and PRAYER. As a young sister I wanted to study theology to learn more about GOD, who captivated my heart and mind. I also keep a journal which contains insights from theologians, journalists, and writers, as well as my own insights about the...Read more
August 7, 2020
<Back to Symposium Art   By Sister Kathleen Donovan   ©2020, SSND...Read more
July 19, 2020
<Back to Symposium Art By Sister M. Edna Cole Before this mystery, I am mute. Yet, Father Karl Rahner reminds me to particularly reflect upon the ways in which these three Persons are distinctly One. It is simply because the mystery of the Incarnation is so central to our understanding of who God is! Assuring us that this tremendous mystery...Read more
June 25, 2020
<Back to Symposium Art   By Sister Marie LeClerc Laux Each day you sit and smile As we name you in our prayer: Spirit, Father, Sophia, Yahweh Mother, Intelligence, Creator, God Wisdom. Energy, Relationship, Love… You smile and nod “Yes,” to each. And centuries from now when our list is eons long, You sit and smile, You: All-and-None, loving us...Read more