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The School Sisters of Notre Dame work to empower others through education and spread Jesus’ message of love and unity. Through our work at educational centers and tutoring programs, we strive to transform lives and lift up communities. Click on the tabs below to learn more about our educational programs.

Caroline Center
Baltimore, Maryland

Caroline Center was founded by the School Sisters of Notre Dame in 1996, to enable unemployed and underemployed women to find employment in a career with potential for advancement, thus creating a future full of hope for themselves and their families. Visit the Caroline Center website.

Caroline House
Bridgeport, Connecticut

Caroline House is a comprehensive nondenominational education center teaching literacy and life skills to economically disadvantaged women and children, thus enabling them to break the chain of poverty and improve their own lives and the lives of their children. Caroline Center was founded by the School Sisters of Notre Dame in 1995. Visit the Caroline House website.

Corazon a Corazon
Chicago, Illinois

Founded in 2002, Corazon a Corazon is a non-profit educational organization sponsored by the School Sisters of Notre Dame that provides a one-on-one environment which enables and assists women and children in their personal and educational development. It serves as a catalyst for fundamental change in the community by the educational services it provides. Visit the Corazon a Corazon website.

East Side Learning Center
Saint Paul, Minnesota

In 1997, concerned citizens from Saint Paul’s East Side approached the School Sisters of Notre Dame about the emerging educational needs in the area. The response was the establishment of the East Side Learning Center, where students receive one-on-one tutoring in reading and support to build a healthy attitude toward themselves, as well as, receive the instruction that will enable them to be successful in school and in society. Visit the East Side Learning Center website.

Good Counsel Learning Center
Mankato, Minnesota

The Learning Center began on Good Counsel Hill, Mankato, Minnesota, in 1967 in response to the call of the United States Commission on Education to establish reading programs across the nation. A need for mathematics instruction was realized in 1977. Today qualified teachers continue to serve children K through grade 12. With the increase in the refugee population in recent years, the Center has served a greater number of adult English Language Learners. Visit the Good Counsel Learning Center website.

Milwaukee Achiever Literacy Services
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee Achiever Literacy Services was founded in 1983 by the presidents of Alverno College, Cardinal Stritch University and Mount Mary College which are sponsored by the School Sisters of Saint Francis, the Sisters of Saint Francis of Assisi and the School Sisters of Notre Dame, respectively. This co-sponsored organization was created to address the high illiteracy rate in Milwaukee – information discovered during a city-wide study at that time. Its mission is to provide education, life skills training and workforce development instruction for adults in an atmosphere of mutual acceptance and respect. Learners are inspired and empowered to enrich their lives and their communities. For more information, please visit the website.

MORE Multicultural School for Empowerment
Saint Paul, Minnesota

Founded by the School Sisters of Notre Dame in 1985, MORE is a multicultural, multiracial, community-based organization, funded by community and SSND support.  MORE focuses on the formal education of immigrants and refugees, helping meet the basic needs of impoverished people and families, advocating for justice issues and leadership development. Its mission is to empower individuals and the community through a range of activities and a core respect for spiritual and cultural differences. Visit the MORE Multicultural School for Empowerment website.

Notre Dame Learning Center, Inc.
Rochester, New York

Notre Dame Learning Center, Inc., a sponsored ministry of the School Sisters of Notre Dame, has been in operation since March 2004. Its mission is to enable children, youth and adults to reach the fullness of their potential through education in English, language arts, reading, math and technology. The center strives to give its participants skills for school so that they can have confidence for life. Visit the Notre Dame Learning Center website.

School Sisters of Notre Dame Educational Center
Woodhaven, New York

SSND Educational Center began in 2004. Its mission is to empower under-served women of all races and faiths to reach the fullness of their potential by providing programs that educate and nurture the whole person within a safe and welcoming environment. This SSND sponsored ministry is rooted in the belief that women are agents of transformation for the family, society and the world. Visit the SSND Educational Center website.

Rising Stars Tutoring Volunteer Program
Elm Grove, Wisconsin

The Rising Star Tutoring Program provides at-risk students with an individual tutor to strengthen their language arts and math skills. Sixty volunteer tutors help students in both public and private Milwaukee schools. Click here to learn more about how you can get involved.