Who Took My Nuts?

The following excerpt taken from the chronicles of Villa Notre Dame (former motherhouse for Wilton Province) shows that the sisters in Wilton had a great sense of humor when dealing with an intrusive squirrel:

“[December 1991, Provincial House] Of course, Richard (a maintenance worker) really dug them out of the wall after cutting a piece of the wall out. The sisters had been hearing noises in the wall for some time. They also saw squirrels on the outside roof, so Richard was sent over to check it out. He sure did! He dug out over 80 English Walnuts! Then he sealed up the entrance. Wonder what the squirrel is doing?

Richard and the captured walnut hoarder! He set the squirrel loose in the woods.

UNBELIEVABLE STORIES! As the above account was being typed, Richard caught a squirrel in a trap. He glued three walnuts in a cage, a squirrel went in tugged on nuts, a door on the cage slid down, and the squirrel was caught. Richard took him away to the woods to let it loose.”

An unidentified artist drew a picture of the squirrel looking for his stash of nuts that had been removed from the wall.

Richard pictured with the load of walnuts found squirreled away in the wall (pun intended).