Vocation Event & Activity Report Form

Change in Process

Please read before filling out this form.

Beginning with the March 2018 issue, we are implementing a temporary change in the process for submitting reports. We are asking each person submitting a report to also write the report in paragraph form so it is ready to be inserted directly into the newsletter template. Please scroll to the bottom of the form, where you will find a field for entering the written report. Please keep in mind that we try to follow standard AP style and journalism writing conventions as much as possible. We encourage you to try to follow these guidelines:

  • Most important or interesting facts in the lead paragraph – not necessary chronological.
  • Written in third person.
  • Include who, what, where, when why, how.
  • Include quotes with attribution (first and last names).
  • Short – ideally, about two-four paragraphs per report (ideally, about 50 words, more or less, per paragraph). 
  • This address is for contact purposes if we have questions or need more information. It will not be published in the report.
  • Campus, convent, school. etc. City and state
  • Include first and last names of SSNDs, associates and others representing SSND.
  • Who was this event for? Who was invited? How many attended?
  • Provide as much detail as possible. Include what role the SSNDs played in the running of the event and describe any specific activities involving SSNDs.
  • Why and how did this event come about? What was its purpose? What was the outcome?
  • Share a first-person observation or reflection about your involvement in the event. What resonated with you? What was a highlight? What was your take-away from this experience?
  • Share a quote or comment from a guest who participated in or attended the event. Why was this meaningful for them? What was a take-away for them? Include the person's first and last name.
  • Anything else you would like to share that was not covered in the above questions? If you are submitting photos, include caption information and IDs here.
  • Please see the guidelines at the top of the page.
  • Upload photos from your event here and below. Files must be less than 1200kb in size. We have separate spaces for each file. If you have more than four photos or if you prefer, you can email photos to jbrady@ssnd.org.
  • Upload photos from your event here. Files must be less than 1200kb in size.
  • Upload photos from your event here. Files must be less than 1200kb in size.
  • Upload photos from your event here. Files must be less than 1200kb in size. If you have more than four photos, please send them directly to jbrady@ssnd.org.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.