Sisters Moving in New Directions

By Tim Cary, Archivist

School Sisters of Notre Dame – it’s in the name. The congregation is well known for the excellence of its teachers. That remains true however, the sisters are also known for the breadth of their gifts. Vatican II urged religious to open their windows to a changing world and to examine ministries that engaged in activities beyond the walls of the Church.

In 1970, the School Sisters of Notre Dame published their new constitution, You Are Sent, which conveys a similar message urging sisters to be guided by the Spirit when discerning ministries to serve. It supports and invites sisters to explore fields beyond teaching. Consciously or not, the women briefly profiled below heard those messages and acted on them. Whether assisting the elderly in Canada, publicizing human right abuses in Guatemala, or teaching people how to decorate cakes in Minnesota, these motivated women succeeded in professions not typically associated with women religious.

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This article is part of the School Sisters of Notre Dame North American Archives' 175th anniversary celebration of SSND arriving in North America. For the next year, the staff at the North American Archives will celebrate this milestone by highlighting SSND “firsts.” Each month will focus on a particular sister, event or mission that has a unique place in the congregation’s history in the United States and Canada. Read all of the 175th anniversary stories here.