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Ecological Resources Available
The EDGE (Education Dreams for a Green Era), an ecological ministry inspired by the science and spirituality of the evolving Universe Story, closed its doors on June 30, 2015, due to budgetary considerations.

However, The EDGE is offering sample programs which its staff designed and sponsored throughout its history as Sunseed/The EDGE. The programs are free of charge. Just click the links below to download the pdf documents.

The area of ecological awareness is an exploding field. Hosting programs such as this one will surely bring inspired people together and promote cutting edge solutions to care for our Earth. As an organization leader, you have the vision, the knowledge, initiative and experience to help pave a positive road for our future. Whether you feel it or not, you are helping to bring about new and healthy perspectives energized by the universe story/evolutionary consciousness. The resource is available at: The Brown Bag Buzz Program Resources

These lessons can be used in a day school setting, in a religious education class, as part of a summer camp experience or any other gathering of children. The resource is available at: Lessons For Children Resources

Purpose of Earth Day Program:

  • To celebrate Earth Day with people all over the world who are also honoring this day.
  • To bring all participants to a greater awareness of the beauty and fragility of our Earth systems.
  • To emphasize that all species are interconnected as one living whole and that what we do to other Earth systems, we also do to ourselves. The resource is available at: Earth Day Program Resources

This lesson will demonstrate the growth process of nature around us. The benefit of growing plants from seeds at home can also give you more control over the plants health and longevity. The resource is available at: Seed Starter Project Resources

Purpose of Celebrating The Winter Solstice:

  • To honor the turning of Earth in relationship to the sun
  • To help all participants realize we live as part of a fragile Earth system, the “blue marble” in space
  • To celebrate with all peoples of the northern hemisphere the birthing of light and what it means to our food supply, our sense of hope, our need for warmth
  • To provide all who participate with a deep sense of quiet, of the significance of darkness and light—that even in the deepest darkness, a light is born. (i.e. Many religions such as Christianity have sacred holidays around this time to honor this very value.) The resource is available at: Winter Solstice Resources, Winter Solstice Resources B

Purpose of World Water Day (The official day is March 22nd but celebrations can be held anytime around that date.)

  • To help all who participate realize that water is sacred
  • To remember that water is used in many religious ceremonies (i.e. baptism)
  • To help all participants become aware that water is a resource that needs to be protected
  • To realize how we are polluting or wasting water while at the same time to know of
  • innovative adaptations to preserve and honor it
  • To consciously join with others throughout the world who are also honoring water on this day
  • To be aware of island peoples, particularly, who have lost their homeland because of rising ocean waters; to learn of harmful corporate interests which sabotage people’s right to water; to know the effects of ballast waters, invasive species, global climate. The resource is available at: World Water Day Resources