Mission Awareness Process Program Update

Members of the Mission Awareness Process (MAP) committee recently gathered for their annual planning meeting. After prayer, reflection and much candid discussion, the committee came to the difficult decision to discontinue the MAP program.

Many factors contributed to this decision: COVID and its impact on travel; the decrease in the number of sisters ministering at MAP locations; lack of adequate housing for MAP groups; aging sisters and associates who are no longer able to travel; and difficulty attracting new participants.

The committee expressed its deep gratitude to all current and past sites, as well as committee members, for the impact made on so many lives during MAP experiences over a span of nearly 20 years.

For those wanting experiences of being in solidarity with others, our SSND sisters in Douglas, Arizona, will continue to welcome groups for an immersive experience ministering to migrants. Additionally, there are many groups around the country making similar journeys in the spirit of MAP and SSND that others can join.

If you have attended a MAP experience in the past and would like to share your memories or photos, please send them to Sister Jean Ellman at jellman@ssndcp.org.