Laudato Si’ Commitment focus for June 3-July 21: Ecological Economics

The SSND Guide to Laudato Si’ Commitment focus for June 3-July 21 is Ecological Economics. The following is a short prayer and a sample list of ways to work toward that goal:

God of Wisdom, You gifted us with right judgement and courage. Help us to share the earth’s resources fairly and to use them wisely. Stand with us as we speak out against inequality and injustice. Guide our thoughts and actions as we care for our common home.

Suggested Actions:

  • Learn the consequences of meat production on climate change, ecological devastation, and the persons on whose backs this economic system is built.
  • Choose at least one day a week to eat meatless meals.
  • Buy fresh, seasonal, locally grown food.

Of course, these are just a few of the myriad ways to take action. You may choose to implement one of those ideas, or they may serve as a jumping off point for an initiative of your own.