Included in the Collection

The School Sisters of Notre Dame North American Archives collection includes documents, photographs, books and audio-visual materials related to the life and ministry of SSND in North America. Some examples of records are chronicles from each mission; minutes and working papers from chapters, assemblies and committee meetings; correspondence; deceased member files; administrative records; records from mission extensions, etc. Because education always has been an integral aspect of the congregation’s ministry, the archives also contain many records that document the history of Catholic education in North America.

Creating the New Consolidated Archives

The renovation of the SSND archives space at Mount Mary University was completed at the end of summer 2017, and the process of moving the collections from throughout North America began at that time. We followed and documented the entire process, from the first stages of demolition in June to when the final box was put in place in December. Click here to read all the summaries we shared from each stage.