Waterdown, Ontario

Canadian SSNDs served in Peru from 1965-2011. Ministries included family catechetics, midwifery, care for AIDS patients and providing agricultural and technical skills in rural areas.

The Canadian Heritage Room

The heritage room at Notre Dame Convent, Waterdown, was originally the provincial meeting room also known as the chancery.

For the 50th anniversary of the former Canadian motherhouse in 1977, artifacts were gathered from various missions and displayed on the long conference table in the chancery. In 1983, this room was renovated with customized display cabinets and glass display units.

A collection of Canadian aboriginal artwork and cultural items acquired from missions in England, Bolivia, Peru and Africa showcase Canadian ministries. Significant SSND heritage dates are highlighted with photos and pertinent memorabilia.

The central location of the heritage room on the second floor is readily accessible to visitors. Wall displays in the adjacent corridor portray the extent of the ministries of the former Canadian Province.

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