Mission Awareness Process (MAP)

Back row from left: Sister Judy Bourg, SSND, Anna May Thurchak, Maryanne Miloscia, Sister Bridget Waldorf, SSND. Front row from left: Sister Lucy Nigh, SSND, Laura Kraytem, Sarah Allen Raymond, Sister Helen Jones, SSND and Sister Pat Ferrick, SSND.

The School Sisters of Notre Dame (SSND) commitment to uphold the dignity of all people, including the marginalized, have inspired many to advocate and serve those in need around the world.

The SSND Mission Awareness Process (MAP) allows participants to experience in a deeper way the charism and life of the School Sisters of Notre Dame by living in an SSND community while serving the poor or marginalized.

The mission of MAP is to offer concrete experiences of being in solidarity with people of diverse cultures. Through prayer, community and ministry, participants will be transformed in mind and heart, gaining a fresh awareness of our oneness, our interconnectedness and our interdependence.

Participants share reflections from their MAP experiences: