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The School Sisters of Notre Dame are active in a wide variety of ministries including education, health care, social outreach and pastoral ministry.


International Perspective

Notre Dame of Maryland University student Jussara Kramer (front row, second from right) with participants in the workshop on challenges facing Sudanese women.


Sister Adelaide Gambin joined the SSND delegation at the UN CSW.

Workshops on Sudan, advocacy training

The School Sisters of Notre Dame delegation’s representation at the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women took an added international perspective as Sister Adelaide Gambin, from the SSND Province of Latin America and the Caribbean, joined the group on Wednesday for presentations and discussions.

Sister Adelaide is currently serving at the SSND Generalate in Rome. SSNDs minister in 32 countries throughout the world. As members of an international congregation, School Sisters of Notre Dame recognize their obligation to develop a world vision and a sense of global responsibility.

Students for Notre Dame of Maryland University continued to attend workshops at the CSW, including one on the challenges facing Sudanese women in ares of conflict. NDMU Student Jussara Kramer said that she was touched by one woman’s passionate plea, “We just want help. We just want help, women hear tot heart.”

“These words really touched my heart,” Jussara said. “These women want to help their children, family, community and nation. I was touched, and I had to give everyone a big hug!”

The students also attending a advocacy training workshop sponsored by the NGO CSW. The training teaches participants how to be effective partners in United Nations negotiations about women's human rights.

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