The Silver Web

Photo by Bence Balla-Schottner on Unsplash

The world in which we live today is caught in the threads of a silver web, a web spun by fear, anxiety, and the unknown. A web which can only be brushed away by the strong awakening hands of awareness. Our future is inextricably tied to our ministry of now.

We are creating our new future today; it is, and will be different in both scope and purpose. We cannot, at the present time, function in many of the ministries in which we were engaged; some ministries may no longer be available. Instead, we find ourselves discovering and creating new ministries of compassion and outreach through phone calls, the art of writing letters, thank you notes to essential workers, home made cards finding their way to isolated residents, gifting and receiving virtual hugs, utilizing technology to carry out our mission.

Even the masks we have been asked to wear are not barriers limiting our commitment to transform the world, or the joy we carry within. These masks we wear can be symbols, symbols of our determination to filter out discouragement, loss, and the fear of the unknown. In reality, our masks are symbols of hope.

Let us be bold. Let us be courageous. Let us carry our charism wherever the Spirit leads us. Let your hands sweep away the silver web! Our future is waiting, run to it!

~Sister Pat Lange, SSND

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