Sharing our love and our hope

COVID-19 has brought with it enormous challenges and opportunities in equal measure. I have to admit that I am always tempted to look at the bright side of life. In the midst of a worried and anxious lot, I have found my optimistic spirit handy.

Our very core “connectedness” has been put to the test by this virus. However, we have remained connected to each other now more than ever. Through technology, we have created an even smaller world. From virtual Masses, concerts, prayers, poetry, stories and conversations, we have created a world community in the midst of a disaster. Social media has been a creative way to connect with all kinds of persons, sometimes even those locked down alone in their house, afraid of dying. Never before have I felt so attuned to the global community as I have during this time. We indeed live in a global village and share one humanity.

This time back in the “inner room” was a call to bring to prayer the fears, anxieties and sense of helplessness we have all experienced. I have answered the invitation to share love, faith and hope through prayer and to therefore touch hearts.

~Sister Joan Mukhwana, SSND

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