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They Came to Serve by Sister Mary Brian Bole, SSND

A chronicle of Women Religious in the Diocese of Dallas, 1874-2014. Few individuals know about the heroic sisters who came to the church in Texas in collaboration with the diocesan priests and religious priest and brothers. Sister Mary Brian Bole, SSND, gives a glimpse of the labors of these brave consecrated women in this chronicle.

School Sister of Notre Dame Mary Brian Bole, author of They Came to Serve, has held administrative and teaching positions at a number of educational institutions in Texas and Japan, including the University of Dallas, Kyoto Notre Dame University, Kyoto, Japan, Bishop Dunne School, Nolan Catholic High School, Fort Worth, the Highlands School, Irving and Our Lady of Perpetual Help School in Dallas. Sister has also served on the staff of the Diocese of Dallas Pastoral Center. Sister Mary Brian holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from UD and a Master of Arts from Northern Illinois University. She has been awarded the Bishop’s Award for Service to the Church for her personal volunteer time in composing this chronicle.

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Gleaning the Essence by Sister Marilyn Wussler, SSND

Based on the Gospel of Mark, the oldest account of the life and ministry of Jesus, Gleaning the Essence employs the ancient literary form of Haiku to lead readers into pondering the deep meaning of gospel passages. With reflective questions and suggested practices to life Scripture, this book can be used for daily reflection, as a journal for retreat or as an invitation to faith sharing in groups.

Gleaning the Essence is available from Green Ivy Press, 1 Lincoln Center, 18 W. 140 Butterfield Road, Suite 1500, Oakbrook Terrace, IL 60181-4843, or through Amazon.

Sister Marilyn Wussler, SSND, has been a member of the School Sisters of Notre Dame since 1956. With a master's degree in psychology and certification in marriage and family therapy, she became a psychotherapist, specializing in serving survivors of abuse and those dealing with loss and grief. In 1980, after training in spiritual direction, she added retreat work to her ministry. Sister Marilyn's main interests are the interface of spirituality and psychology, emerging understandings of scripture and the unity underlying all faith traditions, and the new science/faith conversation.

Annals of Audacity & Hope by Kay O'Connell, SSND

Annals of Audacity & Hope is part of a two volume, international project to record the history of the School Sisters of Notre Dame. A resource for historians, religious and lay persons alike, it chronicles the challenges and triumphs of an emerging province as seen through the eyes of Sister Kay O’Connell.

This story of collaboration between four distinct and separate provinces, Baltimore, Chicago, Wilton and the Province of Canada, as they reconfigure to become one new unified province, gives readers insight into the world of religious life within the Atlantic-Midwest Province from December 31, 2005 to 2015.

Both volumes of the book are available at

The Passions of Mary: Her Deep Feelings, Desires and Pain
by Sister Rea McDonnell, SSND

Perfect for Lent and spiritual reflection, The Passions of Mary explores Mary’s life-long passions – her suffering, her deep, long-lasting emotions, her focused attention and her purposeful actions – in a profound way. This small book engages us through teachings, Scripture, prayer, questions and suggestions. Perfect for faith sharing, use this book with a prayer partner, a spouse, a religious community, a small group from the parish. Come together to listen with reverence about how the Spirit is moving in the prayer, the heart, and the life of another.

Released in 2015, the book is available online through Visual Dynamics Publishing.

Sister Rea McDonnell holds a doctor of philosophy in biblical studies. She trained as a pastoral counselor at the Institute for Pastoral Psychology and for more than 30 years has used a pastoral approach to Scripture in preparing adults for priestly and lay ministry. In addition to working as an adjunct faculty member and leading workshops and retreats, she has authored or coauthored 15 books. Sister Rea resides in Maryland where she ministers as a spiritual director.

Teaching Writing in an Era of Assessment
by Sister Mary L. Warner, SSND, and Jonathan H. Lovell

In this unique guide, veteran middle and high school teachers present authentic, proven practices in the teaching of writing in grades 7–12 along with samples of student writing that confirm the value of their pedagogy. Written for teachers, by teachers, this book gives readers the benefit of hearing first hand from real people teaching real students - teachers who have great credibility and knowledge about teaching writing, plus the “evidence” of their success. The book is available at

Sister Mary, who has been teaching English for 37 years in middle and high school and in postsecondary, is a professor of English at San José State University and is the director of the English Credential Program. She also serves as co-director of the San Jose Area Writing Project. Her special teaching interests include literature for young adults and the Bible as literature.

Sister Mary is the editor and author of two chapters in Winning Ways of Coaching Writing: A Practical Guide for Teaching Writing Grades 7–12 (Allyn and Bacon, 2001) and author of Adolescents in the Search for Meaning: Tapping the Powerful Resource of Story (Scarecrow Press, 2006).

Books by Sister Rea McDonnell, SSND

Sister Rea McDonnell, SSND, has published, Glory to Glory: Spirit and Sacrament in the Writings of Paul and John. This helpful, eloquent guidebook for learning how to pray with scripture could be used for individual study, but is intended especially for small groups. It encourages scriptural/communal prayer as a path not only to personal holiness but to helping the community achieve its mission of reaching out to others. It offers abundant practical advice about starting a prayer group based on biblical readings. Texts are selected from the Gospel of John and the Letters of Paul. Click here for more information about the book. Click here to preview the book and make a purchase.

Sister Rea's degree is in scripture. Her books, some in collaboration with Holy Cross Sister Rachel Callahan, include:

  • Hope for Healing: Good News for Adult Children of Alcoholics (Dubuque: Islewest, 1998; $9.95, and with discount, $8)
  • Wholing the Heart: Good News for Those Who Grew Up in Troubled Families
    (Dubuque: Islewest, 1998; $10.95, and with discount, $9)
  • God Is Close to the Brokenhearted: Good News for Those Who Are Depressed*(Cincinnati: St. Anthony Messenger Press, 1997; $10.95 and with discount, $9.)
  • Harvest Us Home: Good News as We Age (Cincinnati: St Anthony Messenger Press, 2000; $9.95, and with discount, $8)

Rea McDonnell, SSND, also has authored:

  • Into the Heart of Mary* (Notre Dame:Ave Maria Press, 2009; $12.95, but with discount: $10. plus postage.)
  • When God Comes Close: An introduction to biblical spirituality with exercises for personal prayer and group discussion/faith sharing, using biblical passages. The book has an imprimatur and can even be used with seniors in high school. Boston: Pauline Books and Media, 1995. ($5.25, but with discount, $4.50)
  • The Catholic Epistles and Hebrews (Collegeville, MN: Liturgical Press, 1985; $7.95, but with discount, $5)
  • Why, God?: A Glimpse into the Mystery of Suffering *(Hyde Park, NY: New City Press, 2002; $13.95, but with discount, $11 plus postage)

The latter two books include exercises for personal reflection and/or prayer.
* An * indicates that the book is available from the publisher or, but without a discount. All royalities go to SSND.

For additional information, feel free to contact Sister Rea McDonnell at

Catholic Schools in Two Worlds: Understanding Governance and Bylaws in Church and Civil Law by Sister Deborah Cerullo, SSND, J.D., J.C.L

Catholic Schools in Two Worlds examines canonical and civil legal structures of Catholic schools. The legal obligations of a Catholic school exist in two worlds, that of the Catholic Church and that of civil society. The Catholic Church's legal system, called canon law, provides norms and standards concerning the life of the Church, including Catholic education. The civil legal structure of the Catholic school, with its various roles and responsibilities, protects the Church's mission and property according to the laws of civil society. Sister Deborah is an attorney and canonist in private practice, primarily representing Catholic religious organizations. She serves on the board of Blessed Sacrament School in Providence, R.I., and is a commissioner on the Rhode Island Ethics Commission. Her book is available through the National Catholic Education Association website at at a cost of $17 to NCEA members and $26 to nonmembers.

After Silence - by Sister Maura Eichner, SSND

“After Silence” is a new selection of poems previously published by Sister Maura Eichner, SSND. During her life, more than 350 of Sister Maura’s poems were published in literary magazines, journals and newspapers including America, The New York Times, Yale Review and Commonweal; and in 10 collections, including “Initiate the Heart” (1946), “The Word is Love” (1958); “Walking on Water” (1972), “What We Women Know” (1980) and “Hope is a Blind Bard” (1989). An alumna of Notre Dame of Maryland University’s class of 1941, Sister Maura died in 2009 at the age of 94. In her honor, Notre Dame established the Sister Maura Eichner Endowed Chair in English.

Order “After Silence” here.

Rescuing Regina:The Battle to Save a Friend from Deportation and Death
by Sister Josephe Marie Flynn

A decade after fleeing the Democratic Republic of Congo for the United States, having endured rape, imprisonment, and torture in her homeland, Regina Bakala found herself locked in a U.S. prison facing deportation to almost certain death.

This harrowing true story of an asylum seeker and young mother of two tells how her husband, a feisty nun, a pit bull lawyer, and a group of volunteers set aside political differences to galvanize a movement to save Regina.

For additional information about Sister Josephe, Regina's story and how to purchase the book, visit the Rescuing Regina website.