There is an invisible enemy lurking among us.
It is a silent enemy, it cannot be heard.
     The enemy is COVID-19.

This enemy welcomes every culture.
It welcomes every nation.
It welcomes every Faith.
It welcomes every nonbeliever.
It welcomes every sexual orientation.
It welcomes every economic level.
It welcomes every politic.
It welcomes saints, and it welcomes sinners.
     This enemy does not discriminate.

This enemy is a destroyer of dreams, hopes, and aspirations.
Age is no barrier to its cold embrace.
It has the power to break the very soul, heart, and body it touches.
It can be a harbinger of despair and pain.

And so now…it is time to quarantine.

  • Quarantine fear.
  • Quarantine hopelessness.
  • Quarantine frustration.
  • Quarantine anxiety.
  • Quarantine selfishness.
  • Quarantine despair.
  • Quarantine the depression of isolation.

Do not quarantine…

  • Do not quarantine your tears for COVID 19 victims.
  • Do not quarantine your outreach, embrace today with courage and hope.
  • Do not quarantine your joy, let it fill your very heart and soul.
  • Do not quarantine your prayers, set the world on fire with them.
  • Do not quarantine your generosity, let it overflow.
  • Do not quarantine wisdom, listen to the Spirit speak to you.
  • Do not quarantine your compassion, gift it without any reservation.
  • Do not quarantine your gratitude, let gratitude be the air you breathe.
  • Do not quarantine your vision of the future, walk its path clothed in trust.
  • Do not quarantine your love of neighbor, let love become your voice, for “Love gives everything gladly.”*
  • Do not quarantine your Faith, grow in it, embrace it, become one with it, share it.”

“God has helped us until now: neither will He abandon us in the future.”*
  *Blessed Theresa of Jesus Gerhardinger SSND

~Sister Pat Lange, SSND

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