Pandemic at the Mount

Jesus, you again invite me
To pray with you on the mount
There is so much fear
Of possible deadly coronavirus
Again we see how something
As infinitesimal as a germ
Can keep people apart
Something so small can
Change life styles of a whole universe
As we fear the disease
And take drastic steps
To avoid contamination
And feel safe in living apart
My thoughts have been with those
Who are already part of the pandemic
Are they being cared for
As they suffer pain and loneliness
Are they the lepers of this age?
Jesus, I am no nurse
And I am not very brave
So please walk with those who suffer
Please help us find ways to reach them
Please love them for us.
We plead with you to help us find ways
To bring the pandemic to a halt
Our living apart, our not touching
Our not traveling somehow must end soon
We are one. We are kin
So even as we concern ourselves
In staying healthy and strong
We need to keep in mind those already
Pandemic victims
In spirit we embrace them and plead
For their healing here and now
So Jesus, help us in our anxious moments
Help those of our kin who suffer
Help those who are isolated and alone
Let your love bond us together


~Sister Lillia Langreck, SSND


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