News From Theresa House in Ghana, Africa

Sisters from the Theresa House community in Ghana.

As the coronavirus pandemic escalated, the Ghana government banned all public gatherings as of March 15, 2020. A few hours later, heads of schools and churches issued directives, to that effect, which prohibited school sessions and church gatherings. However, Sisters in the Theresa House Community (Former African Novitiate) are blessed to still have daily Masses in our private chapel and at the Holy Spirit Sisters’. We seize this blessed opportunity to pray for ourselves, our sisters, our families and the whole world. While this is done, we maintain the recommended distance and observe other precautionary measures such as consciously washing hands regularly and hand sanitizing.

In order to stay connected with the world, we watch the news and bring to prayer our sick world. However scary this is, we try not to spread fear and panic but encourage strict precautionary measures and a deeper faith and trust in God.

Ghana, as of April 30, has recorded 2,074 positive cases, 212 recoveries and 17 deaths nationwide. Sunyani, the location of our province, has not recorded any cases yet and lockdown here is partial. Nevertheless, we try to adhere to the government’s “stay at home” directive and go out only when it is unavoidably necessary. And when we go out, we use face masks and hand sanitizers. We have, at this time, cancelled all forms of meetings such as retreats or recollections that were booked prior to the pandemic and have also limited visitors. We have also given our cook time off to stay at home with her family since she comes from outside. Additionally, we keep ourselves busy with farming, cleaning and cooking so as to put boredom to flight.

It is particularly difficult for me, as a student, because everything seems to be at a standstill. However, some lecturers from my school, Catholic University College of Ghana, have opened online classrooms for us where we can access lesson notes and submit our assignments. That notwithstanding, it is all very different and some students do not have access to the internet while we are yet to hear from some of the lecturers.

It is our fervent hope and prayer that God’s merciful love may conquer the dreaded virus so that peace and tranquility may return to our world.

Sister Ndukeobong Clement, SSND
For Theresa House Community

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