When I see pictures of the corona virus, especially the one which looks like a sphere with bouquets of red carnations breaking out of it, I am amazed that something that looks so beautiful can be so insidious. My other initial reaction is total gratitude for being so healthy when so many of my human family are so sick. The self-quarantine has made our lives quieter and simpler. Perhaps, now, we can take time to hear the birds singing and smell the new life springing from the earth. The TV reports of so many people who are going out of their way to help their neighbors have inspired me. It is so encouraging to hear them after having heard of so much divisiveness, uncivil discourse, and mean-spirited tweets. I read somewhere that the two Chinese characters for the word crisis are figures which represent danger and opportunity. While I pray that we will see a quick end to this pandemic, I also pray that we will seize this goodness and refound sense of humanity that we are witnessing and it will endure in our hearts and minds.

~Sister Mary Fitzgerald, SSND

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