Vocation Directors in Africa and Japan


I joined the School Sisters of Notre Dame because of my desire to devote my entire life to the service of God and all of Creation in every respect. I have received so much love and care that moves me to share my gifts through education in its broader sense and to strive for unity wherever I find myself.  Do you hear the tiny whisper of the Spirit in your heart calling you to dedicate your life for God’s creation?  Then SSND is the place for you to unwrap your gifts and pursue God’s cause! I live in Ghana, West Africa.


I like the SSND spirit, discerning the signs of the time communally, one heart and one soul, internationality, and the innovative way to follow Jesus. In spite of our individual smallness and powerlessness, I have a hope in our collective future. For Jesus will be with us as he said and makes us his yeast to work and to realize a better world for all people and for all creation. I think that this is calling each of us to work with him for it. I am happy to discern with you a call to religious life.