As you were

“As you were.” The familiar greeting from the commander to those under his charge may be an invitation to us as we experience little opportunities of opening, of movement from complete isolation to beginnings of social interaction. These carefully planned increments to provide a more comfortable yet safe bit of interaction invite us to different ways to continue living and enjoying our communities.

Certainly, some reflection is in order. Yes, the rear view mirror is one to engage attention at this time of transition, as little by little fewer restrictions are ours.

One attitude that merits attention is gratitude.

We recall and remember the ongoing care and concern of leadership and staff. They have to absorb the expressions of unhappiness, resistance and unwillingness at times to adopt directives, limitations and general negativity that surface as time and quarantines impose on the freedoms we claim as ours in independent living. Yet they continue to meet and serve our needs—above and beyond. I am grateful!

Another recollection is the many strategies that helped us, and continue helping us, through the limits that are still necessary to care for our health and safety. Phone calls, notes posted on doors, and additional little services deflect controversies and misunderstandings. The mail gets delivered, laundry times arranged, and gradual dining arrangements and continuing delicious meals are ongoing parts of our survival –we are making it through together!

What were/are your personal tools and efforts, ways to deal with this unprecedented time of your, and my, life? For me, it was, and is, Scripture and prayer that daily point me to the Lord’s TLC: mercy, forgiveness and love. Matthew’s early chapters are quite explicit, including the Sermon on the Mount (Chapters 6 & 7) —which is a handbook of the message Jesus came to give— to Chapter 8. There we see a person who didn’t get, or want, all that information. He simply needed healing and just said to Jesus, “Help me, heal me.” Jesus touched him and he did just that!

For many of us it may be prayer, scripture and friendship—by phone, Zoom, Facebook or whatever form works for you. Talk with others about how you came from the way we were to the way we are.

We are all in this together, if at times alone.

~Sister Frances Wessel, SSND

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