Perpetual Vows – Called to Love, Sent to Serve


Sister Limétèze Pierre-Gilles, SSND, professed perpetual vows before School Sisters of Notre Dame, family and friends gathered on June 18, 2016, in the chapel at Villa Assumpta in Baltimore, Maryland. She chose Jesus’ foot washing as the gospel for the Eucharistic celebration.

The jug, the water, the palm tree and the words, “Called to Love, Sent to Serve,” (pictured above) are surely her baptismal mission and her good news. Such good news calls all of us – religious, single or married – to renew our vows.

Sister Justine Nutz, SSND, explains that the design for her program (above), “Called to Love, Sent to Serve,” includes symbols honoring the three readings that Sister Limétèze chose for the liturgy:

Love animates the waters as they flow into the pitcher used by Jesus at the Last Supper.

The waters flow through the open heart to Sister Limétèze and into the ongoing stream of mission and ministry as expressed in You are Sent (the SSND constitution) and Love Cannot Wait (the SSND directional statement).

The waters plunge into the contemplative depths of the heart of God and continue their lifelong journey.

The pitcher rests against the supportive rocks of community, family, friends and ministry partners.

The palm tree proclaims Sister Limétèze’s roots and heritage as a Haitian woman.

Let each element of the picture speak to your heart. Respond to the Spirit who is teaching you through what you see and what you want. We invite you to share your reflections below or send your comments (one to three sentences) to for posting on this page. Please include your name and city/town/state/country. (To comment below, you must be signed into your Facebook account.)

Sisters Rea McDonnell and Justine Nutz, SSND