Spirit Banner

When the Fordham University committee for planning the forum on religious life since Vatican Council II looked for an artist to design a banner for the occasion, they came across the SSND Liturgical Fabric Arts website. Recognizing the appropriateness of having a sister design the banner and liking many of the designs they saw on the site, they emailed Sister Josephine Niemann, SSND, requesting a banner design that was colorful and contained a paraclete.

Sister Josephine first sketched a dove with a rainbow in the background, but felt the image needed to be more abstract. She then did a rendering of a semi-abstract dove with long flowing curved lines breaking up all areas of the background which were filled in with all the colors of the rainbow. Sister Josephine made the pattern and cut out the fabric pieces, and Sister Regina Kabayama, SSND, who came from Japan in 2000 to help in Liturgical Fabric Arts at the Sancta Maria Campus in St. Louis, sewed these pieces together to make the banner and then machine quilted it.

Only after the banner was finished did Sister Josephine realize she had made the left wing longer than the right. Perhaps the Spirit had something to do with that. It certainly seems appropriate in depicting the spirit of post-Vatican II religious.

Sister Josephine Niemann, SSND