Love Cannot Wait

Love Cannot Wait

Love cannot wait while so many in our world cry out for justice!

Love cannot stand by – and do nothing
in the face of so many human atrocities that are taking place hourly,
actually – minute by minute.

Love cannot wait for numbers, or multitudes to take a stand against
predators, oppressors of individuals, or of whole nations.

Love cannot wait for “the other” to take action
on behalf of women and children who are starving,
dying from lack of routine medicine, trafficked for
sexual exploitation, sold like livestock, and then
thrown away when they are deemed useless.

Love cannot wait while our youth suffer from domestic violence,
neglect, abuse in their own homes and in foster care.

Love cannot wait – while innocent students are massacred in their
school classrooms.

Love cannot wait – while seniors experience elder abuse, and are
reduced to second class citizens who are made to feel that they
have no right to live out their final years in security and peace.

Love cannot wait for weeks, or months, or years – while we sit around
a table to find solutions for the violence befalling our human race.

Love cannot be silent when waste products poison our environment,
when forests are destroyed, or when developers  “crowd out”  animals
and plant life in the name of progress.

Love cannot wait for answers before it does something, anything
to comfort another human being.

Love cannot be stopped! It is always active, always creative, always on
the move, always hoping, always giving, always desiring!  It knows no
bounds!  It has no limits!  It does not know discouragement, or fear!

The only thing that love cannot do  –  is wait!

Barbara Zurine, SSND
Copyright 2013

Sister Barbara Zurine wrote this poem in early 2013 and originally shared it with about 80 sisters, associates and friends. It has been used for a jubilee retreat mediation and an international gathering of SSND Shalom (Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation) coordinators. Others are using it in private jubilee and prayer services. (Sister Barbara works as a campus minister at St. Vincent Home in Philadelphia.)