Caroline Center – A Reflection on the SSND Charism

A Caroline Center trainee views the city of Baltimore from one of the building’s fire escapes.

Every Woman Is a Prayer

Every woman who finds her way to Caroline Center in Baltimore is a living prayer. She has been granted the courage to reach out for help, the confidence to ask for what she needs, and the grace to bless and be grateful for God’s gifts. She embodies the structure of our daily prayers of petition and praise.

A Caroline Center woman is ready to embrace change that can only make her stronger. She is willing to grow in compassion. As she opens herself up to the world, she is learning the art of being – both for herself and for others. She is capable of embracing and reaching her full potential.

Caroline Center alumnae show the promise of the SSND charism. In many ways, they, too, have been sent – to become better, so that they can better the world. Each Caroline Center alumna reflects, in her own unique way, the power of an education to change everything for good – beginning with her own life.

Nancy Sherman is director of marketing and communications at Caroline Center, a sponsored work of the SSND Atlantic-Midwest Province. The center provides tuition-free education to low-income women living in the city of Baltimore so that they can obtain meaningful careers with the potential for advancement.