Wilton, Connecticut

This display includes a framed “mission tree,” which shows the SSND missions; an original SSND Rule Book; and pictures of the General Superiors from Blessed Theresa Gerhardinger to Sister Mary Maher.

Artifacts from around the world

In 1979, the School Sisters of Notre Dame College at Villa Notre Dame closed, and what had been the Chemistry Lab became the Heritage Room for the then Wilton Province. The Chemistry Supply Room is now an excellent location for archives. Because the library also was closing, these archives inherited two stacks from there, along with tables and chairs for the Heritage Room itself.

Two display cabinets were built into the walls and hold many Wilton artifacts. The cupboards on one side of the room are perfect for storage of records from schools, which are now closed. The walls showcase SSND with pictures and flags from the countries where sisters taught and ministered.

There are pictures of Blessed Theresa Gerhardinger, Mother Caroline Friess, St. John Neumann and Mother Mary Paschal Carton. In addition, there are models of the original SSND habit, photos of all the former Wilton Province Councils, historically significant artifacts, and artworks from around the world.

The pentagon-shaped Villa Notre Dame, where the Heritage Room is located, opened in 1961. The former Wilton Province, along with the former Baltimore, Chicago and Canadian provinces, now all make up the SSND Atlantic-Midwest Province.

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