A Visit from Persona Fear

I hear you knocking at my door, Persona Fear.
You live inside my alarm clock and greet me first thing each morning as your familiar ring rouses me from the respite of some restful sleep.
You boldly interrupt reflection on the Scripture Readings of the Day.
You jump off the pages of the morning newspaper as the thief of yet more innocent victims of the COVID-19 pandemic.
You flex your muscles as news reporters update us on the number of victims you captured since their evening report.
But there’s one thing you’ve failed to factor into your scheme,
Persona Fear. In the words of Dr. Martin Luther King:
“We shall overcome.” Together WE will not allow FEAR to immobilize us. We will find ways to be present through the gifts of prayer, e-mail, mail, FaceTime. Yes, Persona Fear,

~Sister Mary Helen Stokes, SSND

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