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Believing in God’s love for all people and desiring to witness to that love, we respond to the urgent needs of our times.


Sponsorship & Board Resources

Resources for Institutions, Boards & Board Members

Suggested books for boards and board members
Resources for SSND institutions and organizations
Hiring for Mission - Interview questions for conversation on the importance of sustaining the identity and enhancing the mission of an SSND institution

SSND History

Mary Theresa of Jesus Gerhardinger: A Woman Led by the Lord
Mother M. Caroline Friess: American Pioneer
     (biography by Sister Mary Luke Baldwin, SSND)

Sturdy Roots - An educational resource for studying the heritage and spirit of the School Sisters of Notre Dame

Stories for Reflection and Prayer

These stories can be used at the beginning of board or faculty/staff meetings to provide ongoing education. Each story illustrates SSND values, comes with questions for reflection and sharing, and prayer petitions. The entire process is designed to take 15-20 minutes.
Explosion on the Mississippi
Blessed Theresa is called to America
Sister Caroline Arrives in New York City
Visit to Sisters behind the Iron Curtain

Transforming the world through education