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"Prayer is our continuing response to God's continuing call to mission."
— You are Sent, Constitution of the School Sisters of Notre Dame


Smiling Jesus

Smiling Jesus Painting by Sister Carol Datz, SSND

Smiling Jesus, Oil Painting by Sister Carol Datz, SSND

Most images of Jesus portray a very serious and pensive look upon his face. Several years ago I asked Sister Mary Ann Tantalo what I might give her in celebration of her jubilee. Her rapid response was, “Would you paint me a picture of a smiling Jesus?” That presented quite a challenge for me. 

The gift I found in the process was a gentle, embracing, merciful Lord that looks upon us with a true, joy-filled acceptance of who we are. Somehow he happens to have a twinkle in his eyes that might be saying, “I know what you have been up to and I love you.” We are invited to embrace this intimate love and may we walk in His Way.

- Sister Carol Datz, SSND

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