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Pray With Us

"Prayer is our continuing response to God's continuing call to mission."
— You are Sent, Constitution of the School Sisters of Notre Dame




Bursting forth in the virgin-white lily
exploding in the crimson-tinged sun
chasing the dismal storm clouds
first sign of a winter undone,
straining towards the heavens in the tall oak
soaring on the blue jay's wing
sprinting like a doe through the green woods
welling up in the crystalline springs,
charging all creation
with the vigor of new life
erupting in alleluias
proclaiming the risen Christ!

Barbara Zurine, SSND
Copyright 2000

Sister Barbara ZurineSister Barbara Zurine has long been captivated by Dorothy Day's quote,  "We Shall Be Saved By Beauty." In her work previously with senior citizens and now with abused teenage girls at St. Vincent Homes in Philadelphia, Sister Barbara said that she sees "signs of transformation and healing brought forth by the tiniest symbols  of beauty - a simple flower, a bird, a sunrise! Ah! What power is ours in God's magnificent creation!"

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