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Blessed Theresa of Jesus Gerhardinger, longing for the oneness of all in God, grounded the congregation in Eucharist, anchored it in poverty and dedicated it to Mary.


Making mercy come alive for students

Pope Francis has said that this Extraordinary Jubilee Year is “dedicated to living out in our daily lives the mercy which the Father constantly extends to all of us.” As we near the end of this Jubilee Year, we will periodically share reflections from School Sisters of Notre Dame on Pope Francis’ message, how they rediscovered the works of mercy and how they practice these works of mercy, working them into their everyday lives.

Sister Cathy Bonfield’s sixth grade students used the Works of Mercy to create a Door of Mercy last year. 

Making mercy come alive for students

As a cross-curricular project during the previous school year, Sister Cathy Bonfield's sixth grade students at St. Martha School, Sarasota, Florida, used the Works of Mercy to create a Door of Mercy for their school chapel and to create an iMovie. 

A Door of Mercy

Groups of students researched each of the 14 Works of Mercy, looking for appropriate photos and quotes. They used Google Slides to create the small posters, and the posters were used to create the Door of Mercy.

The students then wrote reflections that included quotes, examples of how to live out each Work of Mercy, and a challenge. They read the reflections with the posters to create the iMovie, which you can watch on YouTube 

"The students made the Works of Mercy come alive." Sister Cathy said. "I hope they will have the courage and strength to live out their words as they face the peace and justice challenges of our world."

- Sister Cathy Bonfield, SSND

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