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Real Life Experiences to Inspire Students

Bringing real life to the Mount Mary classroom

For Julie Tatlock, assistant professor at SSND-sponsored Mount Mary College in Milwaukee, the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women offers an opportunity to bring real life experiences to her classroom.

Among those experiences this week was a conversation that she had with a woman from Peru. Julie recognized the traditional weaving pattern of the Quecha people in the woman’s clothing because she had attended a panel on Quecha women two years ago at the CSW. When the woman sat next to her in a session on facilitating human rights from a feminine perspective, Julie used the opportunity to open a conversation.

Wealth of diverse topics

The week has included a wealth of topics relevant to the topics that Julie teaches – world civilization, United Nations, Middle East, Africa and U. S. history:

  • Arab Spring: Voices of Women, sponsored by the U.S. Federation for Middle East Peace
  • Conversation Circle on Intergenerational Leadership
  • Facilitating Human Rights from a Feminist Perspective, sponsored by the center for Women’s Global Leadership
  • Ending the Silence: The Impact of Early Marriage and Forced Marriage on Rural Girls, sponsored by Plan International
  • Reconciliation through the Empowerment of Rural Women, sponsored by the U.S. Federation for Middle East Peace
  • Models of Empowerment of Rural Women, sponsored by the International Presentation Association
  • Women and Power: Leadership in a New World, sponsored by the Women’s Research Institute
  • While Woman Weep, sponsored by the Salvation Army

Focus on intergenerational leadership

“I chose the Conversation Circle on intergenerational leadership because Mount Mary College has many generations of students in all these different roles,” Julie said. “I teach women older than I am, and I teach women younger than I am. This is the kind of program that would give me tools to understand where these women are coming from at different times in their lives.”

Another program that left an impression was Women and Power: Leadership in a New World, which Julie said, “had kind of the ‘I am female; hear me roar’ approach. That was excellent. There were cheers and chants at times. The people who spoke were very impressive. One woman was talking about her job in the supply chain of her company and how she makes sure that human rights are being respected.”

Transforming the world through education