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Focusing on Migration

An Opportunity to Connect with Others Involved in Migration

For Sister Judy Bourg, SSND, the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women offers an enriching opportunity to connect with others who share her concerns and examine more deeply the issue of migration, an area of concern in her ministries near the Arizona- Mexico border.

From her home in Douglas, Ariz., Sister Judy is involved with humanitarian aid in Mexico with repatriated migrants, works at two women’s sewing cooperative, and participates in several organizations that advocate for migration issues.

Conversation Circle on Migration

On Monday, she attended a conversation circle on the issue of migration that included 25 participants representing countries that included from Bangladesh, South Africa and India, as well as the United States.

“ They came because they are really committed to the issue of migration and what’s happening in the countries where they are working as well as other places internationally,” Sister Judy said. “The conversation focus was broader than just U.S. immigration.”

“Many of them spoke about the 250 million internally displaced persons in the world – migrants or refugees in their own countries because of climate issues, war, conflict or lack of work. They move from one area of their country to another. We also talked about the terrible treatment in border crossing. I know that it occurs where I minister, but I heard how it prevalent it is in other parts of the world.”

Migration Caucus

On Tuesday, she attended a meeting of the Migration Caucus, where participants studied the draft of the 2012 outcome document through the lens of migration to ensure that it contained wording and direction on that issue.

“That is where I feel most energized when I am with a group of people who really know their area of the world,” said Sister Judy, who also attended the CSW last year. “It is a great privilege to be with these people. We realize that we also must go a step further and engage representatives from member states in the discussion if we want to see change take place.”

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