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Issues Affecting Women and Girls Worldwide

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  Sister Eileen Reilly, waiting for the session on Gender Representation in Advertising to begin

Trafficking, Migration

The SSND delegation spent Monday at the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women at a variety of events that brought clarity to issues affecting women and girls worldwide, including human trafficking and migration, stereotypes of gender representations in advertising, and young women and leadership.

The trafficking and migrant panel offered a rich diversity of experiences, including a policy advisor on migration and refugee services for the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, an independent consultant who works in the area of protecting women and girls in Syria, a child protection specialist working in Africa with Church World Service’s office of resettlement support and an aid worker who assists children living on the streets in Mexico.

The sessions on human trafficking and migration are especially relevant to the School Sisters of Notre Dame who are committed to working actively to eliminate the root causes of injustices and have responded to this problem in a number of ways, making the struggle against trafficking one of their priorities.

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