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The School Sisters of Notre Dame are active in a wide variety of ministries including education, health care, social outreach and pastoral ministry.


Reflecting on the messages, experiences of the day

One Woman

After a day of sessions at the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women, the delegation from the School Sisters of Notre Dame began an evening of reflection with the song that was written for the CSW in 2013.

Twenty-five and musicians from more than 20 countries came together to create One Woman, which includes lyrics that resonated with the SSND participants and what they learned and heard at their CSW roundtable discussions, panels, briefings and workshops:


Linda Pham takes a "selfie" of the students from Notre Dame High School and Institute of Notre Dame in front of the United Nations.

    … Though she’s half a world away
    Something in me wants to say
    We are one woman
    You cry and I hear you
    We are one woman
    You hurt and I hurt too
    We are one woman
     Your hopes are mine
    And we shall shine…

Touched by firsthand accounts

The participants recalled sessions on storytelling and on human rights in which they were touched by the candid, firsthand accounts of violence and discrimination and how it opened their eyes to situations so different from their own realities.

"We cannot talk about violence against women and men as the same thing," said Caitlyn Lowry, a student at Notre Dame High School in St. Louis. "We want men to be our allies, but we don't want them to be our protectors. We need to do it on our own. We want women to be active agents, to have the tools to save themselves and not need someone else to save them."

They also attended advocacy training, which provided an overview of how the United Nations functions and the different processes for getting things done. The participants learned the art of "elevator" speeches and how to make an effective argument or convincing statement in the time it takes to go up or down in an elevator.


Transforming the world through education