Inspirational Reflections

We cultivate a respectful attitude of listening and a prayerful, reflective, dialogic, and discerning approach to life.- YOU ARE SENT, CONSTITUTION OF THE SCHOOL SISTERS OF NOTRE DAME

The School Sisters of Notre Dame have a way of proceeding in their community living and ministries that is reflective, prayerful, dialogic and discerning. In our Inspirational Reflections section, we share some of our many ways of discerning God at work in everything.

From sisters and SSND associates, we present artwork, poems, book and movie reviews, banners or quilts, vignettes, musical compositions, photographs and other inspirational creations through which they reflect and pray.

Click below to view some of our reflections. Please check back for new inspirations.

Pentecost Breath of Love – Prayer resource by Sister Gen Cassani, SSND
Mother of Tenderness – Artwork by Sister Carol Datz, SSND
St. Michael the Archangel– Artwork by Sister Carol Datz, SSND
Perpetual Vows – Called to Love, Sent to Serve – Artwork by Sister Justine Nutz, SSND
Skyscape – Painting by Sister Eileen Casey, SSND
The Pond – Painting by Sister Eileen Casey, SSND
Balance – Artwork by Sister Maureen Michael Byrne
Pentecost Fire – Banner designed by Sisters Josephine Niemann and Regina Kabayama
Smiling Jesus – Oil Painting by Sister Carol Datz, SSND
World Day of the Sick – Reflection by Sister Rea McDonnell, SSND
Love Cannot Wait – Poem by Sister Barbara Zurine, SSND
Arise –Poem by Sister Barbara Zurine, SSND
Caroline Center –Where “Every Woman is a Prayer” by Nancy Sherman
Les Miserables – Movie recommendation by Sister Rea McDonnell, SSND
I Have Called You By Name – Musical composition by Sister Mary Roy Weiss, SSND
Spirit Banner – Designed for Fordham University by Sister Josephine Niemann, SSND
Seeing God – Sculpture by Sister Maureen Michael Byrne, SSND
Love Cannot Wait – Reflection on Amos 7:14-15 by SSND Associate Peggy Russell

What inspires you? If you have a reflection that you would like to share, please send it, along with your name and contact information, to Julie Gilberto-Brady,