Shalom – Integrity of Creation

Care for Creation

We seek justice, educate for peace and care for creation rooted in a profound belief that all life is sacred because God is the creator of life and all forms of life are interconnected and interrelated with one another and with God.

We have heard the cry of our world. Although precious and beautiful in God’s design, the earth and its peoples exist today in a fragile, divided and fragmented condition. We commit ourselves to reverse those personal and communal choices which exploit the earth and impoverish its people.”20TH AND 21ST SSND GENERAL CHAPTER STATEMENTS

Recognizing that science has provided humanity with a new creation story, that the universe is one multiform event evolving through a series of irreversible transformations, that the human is part of the web of life and that planetary crises are threatening the entire Earth community, we are committed to living in solidarity with all the rest of creation, especially through fidelity to our call and charism as educators and women who stand with the poor.

We believe that we are called:

  • to be women of hope who read and respond to the “signs of the times;”
  • to gather into our hearts the suffering of all species of the whole Earth Community;
  • to educate ourselves and others about the evolving Universe Story as revealed to us through science;
  • to come to a deeper understanding of the role of the human in the Earth Community;
  • to deepen how we live in “mutual life-enhancing relationship” with the whole Earth Community;
  • to embrace seriously and joyfully the three basic principles of the universe: differentiation, subjectivity, and communion;
  • to examine our Christian faith and mission and our SSND spirituality through the lens of the Universe Story;
  • to do all that we do in a sacred manner of collaboration and celebration, especially with other people who seek justice, peace, and the integrity of creation in the world today;
  • to implement the principles of the Earth Charter by taking specific actions to secure food and water for all creatures of the Earth;
  • to be bold, courageous, and prophetic.