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‎"What matters is that in all you serve God not as much as you want but as much as is possible for you." - Blessed Theresa Gerhardinger, foundress


Climate Change - Why I am Marching

  Climate Change March

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When School Sisters of Notre Dame, associates and colleagues join the march on Sunday in New York City, they will do so because of their deep commitment and care for all creation.

The Climate March, for me,  is an opportunity to act in solidarity with many others for the common good of all on our planet. In  a small way, my participation calls attention to the need to take steps NOW to care for our planet, its resources and future life."

Sister Bernadette Ballasty, SSND

I march because I am an American, guilty of personal and communal practices which contribute to climate change. I march because I want my footsteps to join SSNDs and thousands of others who love the Earth and want to stop its destruction. I march because I hear the echo of Blessed Theresa Gerhardinger's (our foundress), and Mother Caroline Friess' 1847 footsteps on these Manhattan streets, and I know they will march with us on Sunday."

Sister Justine Nutz, SSND

It is urgent and it is something that no segment of the global community can effectively address alone. It is time for global leaders  to understand that this must be at the top of every agenda with regard to every other issue."

Carol Fay, religious studies teacher at SSND-sponsored Academy of the Holy Angels

I am marching because I believe it is one way to respond to the SSND commitment to live simply, responsibility and sustainably with all creation."

Sister Patricia Murphy, SSND

I'm walking because 'something new has come over me and the spirit is guiding me in this direction.' This is the RIGHT path to SHALOM (Wholeness)! Hold on to the beauty of the EARTH in your heart and live at peace.  God created the earth so it takes care of us everyday!"

Daphne Queen, SSND Associate

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