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The Province of Africa was formed on August 28, 2011.


United we go out into the whole world, into the tiniest villages, into the poorest dwellings, wherever we are called to bring the Good News of the Reign of God."

- Blessed Theresa Gerhardinger

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Educators in all we do

The Province of Africa encompasses Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, and Sierra Leone and The Gambia. We are educators in all we are and do. Education is a means of transforming the lives of all those we serve, helping all persons to reach the fullness of their potential. In Africa, we do this through:

  • Formal education in schools from kindergarten through the tertiary level
  • Health care
  • Spiritual formation of adults
  • Pastoral care in parish settings
  • Vocational training of women
  • Social ministry with victims of HIV/AIDs and women in prison.

We continue to be open to the new calls of the Church on the continent. We continue to educate our own sisters through the university level so they are well prepared for a lifetime of ministry.

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Transforming the world through education